Dari Collection, ‘my home’, brings to you a curated selection of artisanal creations and Moroccan home decor.

Discover our collection of rugs, textiles, and homewares.

Based in Marrakech, we offer wholesale artisan products anchored in simplicity and tradition, straight from the artisan to you.


Dari Collection supplies a curated selection of Moroccan artisanal creations and Moroccan home decor.

Made with traditional methods and materials, our products are suitable for modern  21st century home decoration.

Our Moroccan rugs, made with 100% wool, these handwoven rugs are very popular and are the perfect home accessory.

Dari Collection has on offer three types of Moroccan rugs, a flat weave rug, A Mrirt rug, and the classic Beni Ourain rug, three of them are woven by women in the Atlas Mountains.

Our home textiles selection showcases our favorite much-loved pom pom blankets, paired with their matching pom pom wool cushions.

These wool blankets, wool cushions, and textiles showcase the handmade artisan tradition of our products.

With Dari Collection you will also find a wide selection of artisan glass products.

Our Beldi glasses are handblown here in Marrakech, best known for the Beldi tea glass styles, we offer a range of styles, shapes, and colors.

Keeping rooted in traditional materials, Dari Collection has on offered a selection of rafia products, with an organic and beachy feel, from placemats to baskets.

Make sure to set up your table with our Fez-inspired ceramics, handmade and painted by our Moroccan artisan potters, with the perfect touch of color as well as supplying smaller interior products.

Dari Collection has offered a selection of natural wood furniture, with chairs, tables, and coffee tables for both your inside and outside spaces.

Our values

Moroccan craftsmanship conveys and transmits from generation to generation, the beauty of Moroccan crafts, the human and the artistic content of the Kingdom of Morocco, its rich thousand-year-old heritage, its art of living, its traditions, and its customs, in addition to its important contribution to the national economic fabric.

The values of the Dari Collection lie in: 

  • the promotion of Moroccan craftsmanship and the quality of artisan products
  • supporting local craftsmen
  • keeping the tradition alive in an increasingly modern and fast-paced world.

Wholesale suppliers

Dari Collection is an artisan wholesale supplier of Moroccan home decor products exporting internationally, with a wide selection of Moroccan artisan products.

As well as we are offering an in-house product with Moroccan design and production service.

We currently work as a wholesale supplier to shops and businesses and do not currently work with individual sales.

Service: design and production as well as offering a set collection of artisanal goods, Dari Collection can assist with product design and development from conception to delivery.

With our team of product designers and many artisans to choose from, we are able to ensure quality work and production, following you from the idea stage, development of prototypes, to final production and shipping.

Our aim is to offer a quality service to our customers looking to create their own designs with speed, reliability, and transparency.

Based in Marrakech, Morocco

Dari Collection is based in Marrakech, the red city of Morocco, known worldwide for its traditional ties to artisanal and handmade craft, specializing in leather, pottery, and metalwork.

However, we collaborate with artisans nationwide to create a comprehensive Moroccan home decor collection.

Shipping and delivery

We work with professional shipping companies and transporters to ensure a secure delivery worldwide from packaging and boxing to transportation and detailed tracking, we ensure safe and on-time delivery.