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5 handmade products for a marvelous home decor

Being in a place that makes you feel comfortable and joyful is definitely one of the best feelings ever.

Because as we all know, your home represents a part of you, so you absolutely want to decorate it in a way that reflects you. That’s why decorating a home is such a big deal…

If you struggle to find the special products to decorate your house or if you ever get to the point where you start wondering: what other product or item can be used besides the ones you already got to better your home decor?

Well, you are in the right place, this article will present you a list of 5 handmade Moroccan products that you can use with your home decor style to make it appear in an outstanding way.

We hope this list will help you find home decor that reflects your identity and your true self that will make you feel comfortable and happy.


The first product we suggest for you is the traditional Moroccan basket,

Baskets are made of natural plant fibers that pass by a manual weaving process to come up at the end with a variety of products in different shapes and sizes.

It is a handmade item that has been used from a very long time in morocco to serve different goals.

They can be filled with fruits or vegetables for storage or transport purposes, not only that you can fill them with books, magazines or even flowers.

Besides, baskets can be used at indoor and outdoor buffets alike to hold food, dishes, napkins, or flatware.

These handmade items, that you can put all throughout your house wherever you want, will provide your home decor a traditional touch mixed with a modern style and will add texture and warmth to any room.

They are perfect as go-to items that give so much visual interest When they are grouped together as baskets collections filled with different things.

It appears important to mention that these Moroccan baskets can be also used as shopping bags, storage pots or even as picnic baskets.

There are plenty of decorating ideas with handmade baskets that you should definitely exploit.

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If you are a plant lover, you will absolutely need vases for decorating the interiors of your home…

For that, Dari collection offers you a variety of handmade flower vases in different forms and sizes adaptable for the home decor style you choose.

Moroccan handmade vases are crafted by talented Moroccan craftsmen adopting a very traditional process.

They can be utilized either to add an accent color in a particular space or extend the color scheme of the room.

It would be perfectly looking with flowers or roses inside in your living room to give this brightness and life to your home.

These vases can be grouped and placed in any place (in the living room, the kitchen, the bathroom shelf or even beside windows…)

In other words, these Moroccan handmade vases are very decorative items that bring harmony to your decor and make your home appear alive.

You can check here if you want to get inspirational ideas where you can beautifully place vases for your home decoration.

Whether it is for dried or fresh flowers, our collection is the perfect addition to brighten up your living room.

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The third handmade product that will fit perfectly with your home decor

Moroccan lamp shades are made by our Moroccan artisans by using traditional techniques transmitted from one generation to another to weave the straw.

As all Moroccan handmade crafts, the techniques of crafting these traditional products differ from one region to another.

Using lampshades would give an elegant touch in any room thanks to the unique way it is shaped.

These handmade lampshades can be used as a decorative item by hanging them in any place you desire inside your room

If you want to light them, usually at the beginning, they diffuse a green light due to the fact that the straw is still new, but they yellow over time

But if you would like to yellow the fibers in an accelerated way, you can put them in the sunlight for a couple days.

The artisanal aspect in those lampshades gives them a softness and a fun chic touch, through which the light shades and reflects in such a brilliant and beautiful way.

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The fourth handmade product that we suggest for you is TAMEGROUTE POTTERY,

Tamegroute items are very famous and known for their deep green color but each piece has its own characteristics which makes that type of handmade products very special and interesting.

This marvelous pottery is unique to the town of Tamegroute in the south of Morocco, that kept it preserved over a long period of time and made it one of the best potteries in the world.

It is important to mention that each piece of tamegroute pottery is also unique by having some imperfections in its shape which add more to the charm of the pottery.


Beautiful textured pottery that can be used perfectly as a table centerpiece, a home art object or even a fruit platter.

And this question about using tamegroute pottery to eat from is something that people are usually wonder about,

Well, the answer is YES, Tamegroute bowls and plates can be used for food, actually, they have been used since a long time ago to serve food in Morocco.

All this variety use of tamegroute pottery makes it an ideal Moroccan handmade product for your home decor

Crafted by talented craftsmen, tamegroute handmade products come in different shapes and sizes that will be perfect with any home decor style you opt for.

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At the end, we suggest that you check out this awesome handmade product which is the artisanal Cactus.

The first thing to know is that cactus is made by Moroccan palm leaves in a very traditional and complicated way that demands so much effort, focus and patience.

They are handwoven and crafted by professional artisans in Morocco from natural grasses.

A perfect mix between the traditional and the modern style that allows you to put them in any corner inside your home and they will look beautiful.

This artisanal work is beautifully woven with nice natural variations of the colors, which makes it even more outstanding.

With an incredible esthetic approach, these handwoven cactuses are super appealing and elegant to give your home decor a modern desert vibe and bring the outdoors inside.

You can check out our beautiful Moroccan Cactus products to see how you can use it to decorate your interior space.