Our vision

‘Dari Collection’ literally means ‘my home’ in Moroccan arabic and was created to act as a bridge between the strong traditional artisanal community here in Morocco and an outside audience with an understanding and appreciation for authentic handmade products. The idea ultimately is to bring a little bit of Moroccan joy and inspiration into homes world wide.

Based in Marrakech, our team has direct access to skilled craftsmen to produce timeless objects and home interior pieces. These ‘maalems’, masters of their crafts, share with us the process and technique which is intrinsic to these authentic designs.

Working collaboratively with artisans, we focus on the finer details to create a fusion between time old tradition and contemporary design, all the while appreciating the charm in these perfectly imperfect creations. From hand made pottery from the Sahara, wool woven textiles from the Atlas Mountains, to individually hand blown glassware – these details set our products apart from the industrial manufacturers.


What do we do?

Dari Collection works primarily as a wholesale retailer, working b2b with shops and businesses. If you are looking to stock up on unique Moroccan homewares please get in touch by email at info@daricollection.com or through our contact page and we will help you with your request. Unfortunately we don’t currently work with direct sales for individual clients.